Frequently Asked Questions

What is interior design, and what do interior designers do?

Interior design is a transformative craft, where designers skilfully breathe life into spaces. Interior designers bring your visions to reality, creating comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments that truly reflect your personality and tastes.

What resources, such as design labs and libraries, are available to students?

Academy of Applied Arts has its proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), on which our programs are hosted completely. Our live classes are recorded and shared online. We have an exclusive library and design labs, along with digital resources available exclusively for our students.

Is accreditation important for interior design programs? What accreditations does Academy of Applied Arts hold?

Accreditation isn't just a checkbox; it's your assurance of quality. Our accredited programs meet the highest industry standards, setting you on a path to success from day one. Our accreditation comes from the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) in Mumbai. Academy programs come with an advantage of dual certification. Upon course completion, a student receives a diploma from the Academy of Applied Arts and a certificate from a government body falling under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. Additionally, Academy is associated with the Made In Italy School, Italy for international programs.

What is the internship/job placement services for graduates from the program(s) available?

Your success is our success. Our dedicated student placement services work seamlessly with all our students for internships and final placement assistance. Every Academy student, upon successful completion of their program, is provided with an internship opportunity offered by our strategic industry partners. These internships often lead to employment opportunities for our students. Our high job placement rate reflects the excellence of our programs and the in-demand skills our students offer.

Is there a place where one can visit or see works or projects of Academy Students?

Yes, you can visit our students' portfolios to see their current works.

What is the average salary for entry-level interior designers in my area or the region where I plan to work?

Average entry-level salaries in a diverse global geography can be misleading. However, we are providing you with the best research available for your area. Please also understand that these FAQs are time-stamped, so the following links will help you gain perspective at the time you are researching.,9_IM1091_KO10,27.htm

How does the Academy of Applied Arts facilitate online education for a diverse subject like Interior Design?

Our online learning programs are called Virtual Learning Programs (VLPs). When designing these programs, we ensured that we don't compromise on the end quality result. Here's how it works:

  • VLP offers live classes, during which faculty teaches students face-to-face using our online proprietary learning management system (LMS).
  • The student logs in for the class through the LMS and gets connected to the teacher and their classmates in a live virtual classroom.
  • During the live session, the student can ask questions and clarify doubts in real-time.
  • Every session is recorded for the students. Students can access the recording for reference, revision, and better understanding.
  • We ensure higher retention of learning during our VLP sessions with additional support of videos, reference text, and presentations uploaded to our online learning management system. Similarly, students can upload their assignments and projects for constant evaluations.
  • For every VLP, there is online and offline support available to ensure that the student can learn in their preferred style.
  • The Campus presence program serves as an opportunity to connect and network in person with faculty and batch mates. Constant feedback on projects, continuous course evaluations, and final examinations are all conducted online as the program progresses.

What is the student-to-faculty ratio, and how much individualized attention can I expect?

Our intimate class sizes ensure that every student receives the personalized attention they deserve. We maintain a healthy ratio of 1:20 (Teacher: Student) in all our classes.

What is the cost of tuition, program fee and other associated expenses?

We understand that education is an investment. Tuition costs vary for each program, but rest assured Academy offers financial guidance and flexible payment options, ensuring your dreams are not limited by the cost of education. Click here to know more about specific course fee structure

Are scholarships or financial aid options available for interior design students enrolling with Academy of Applied Arts?

We're proud to support aspiring designers with various scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Your talent and dedication deserve recognition, and we're here to help make education affordable. We have partnerships with reliable financial institutions. We currently are partnering with credence for your financial needs support.

Are there opportunities for internships, industry exposure or real-world experience during the program?

Real-world experience is integral to our programs. Internships, industry opportunities, and hands-on projects prepare you for the challenges of the design industry. Our students are actively involved.

Are there opportunities for networking and industry connections through the program?

Join our dynamic community of designers, industry experts, and alumni. Networking events, guest lectures, and mentorship opportunities are the key to building your professional network.

What kind of portfolio or project work will I need to complete as part of the program?

Our portfolio requirements are designed to showcase your unique talents and growth as a designer. We help you build a portfolio that truly reflects your creative journey. However, ‘Seeing is believing’, please visit our student portfolios by

How can I connect with current students or alumni to learn about their experiences in the program?

Engage with our vibrant student and alumni community through social platforms and alumni networks. Their stories and insights are your stepping stones to success. Join us on Instagram