About Us

 Awarded Best Interior Design Institute 2016(Delhi, NCR) Pride of Indian Education Award.
Awarded Best Visual Merchandising Institute 2016 (New Delhi) Global Education Excellence Awards.

Recognised by NIESBUD an autonomous institute under ‘Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship, Govt. Of India’, Academy of Applied Arts is a leading single discipline institution for Interior Design and its specializations of Visual Merchandising, Retail Design and Luxury Residential Design. Backed by a highly qualified faculty we are vigorously engaged in teaching, researching and propagating these little understood fields of study and their enormous impact on the buying and selling of goods and services. Our decade long experience of providing design solutions to individuals, brands and companies across the globe enable us to bring our well honed expertise to India.

We help budding interior and retail designers refine their design knowledge and skills, in the process allowing them to channel their creative gifts into something commercially productive. This invariably opens up several professional avenues for our students and equips them with the skill sets that help them to thrive and succeed in the real world.

The growth pace of the income of India’s new consuming class is matched only by the growth of their aspirations. This has created not just a new consumer, but a new consumption paradigm called “Lifestyle Consumption”. This new lifestyle consumer demands not just the finest products and services but also the finest physical environment and habitats to enjoy them. Therein lays the untold and unrealised potential for Interior Design in India. Our in depth knowledge and domain expertise helps you to harness this potential by becoming a qualified Interior Design Professional.

Both Visual Merchandising and Retail Design as subjects are gaining importance as marketers in India scale up to international standards of retailing .However, information about VM is inadequate and talent is scarce . This creates a growing void between the demand and supply of a well trained and skilled workforce. A workforce that is much needed by retailers in India.

There are some institutes that partly address this need of India’s retail industry by churning out interior/fashion designers, who double up as visual merchandisers/retail designers. However, there are no singularly focused courses/programs that address the ever growing need for VM in India.

We at Academy of Applied Arts endeavor to bridge this gap by imparting quality education in these nascent yet potentially dynamic fields.


Academy of Applied Arts is recognized under NIESBUD which is an autonomous institute of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, (govt. Of India). We are a premium organization, that promotes strong fundamental knowledge which inspire students to nurture their imagination and ideas. NIESBUD is a part of our dual certification program. The benefit of persuing dual certification is to make a desired candidate more approachable to the industry, which helps them to create a successful carrier path in Interior Designing such as- Commercial Designing, Residential Designing, Institutional Designing etc. Our courses are designed in such a way that students learn and experience new things everyday.

YWCA (Dwarka)

Located at sector 10 Dwarka, Academy of Applied Arts is affiliated under YWCA Delhi. YWCA works under various government agencies and civil society groups. It has been years since YWCA has established itself firmly on the social sector map alongside other great institute. Joining hands with YWCA provided us to share our knowledge about Interior Designing with many students in a vast aspect. The courses are run in collaboration with Vocation Training Institute (VTI). The course is divided into the practical and theoretical components. Our well trained faculty are very well equipped to train the students in an excellent academic environment. The teaching methodology followed by the faculty is in sync with the industry requirement. The students have theory classes which are supplemented by practical components like lab sessions, field visits, workshops, seminars and industry internships and research reports to prepare them for the industry in the simulated work environment.


It is an honor to tell that our academy has an international collaboration with MADE IN ITALY(ROME). It was set up in 2009 with the aim of promoting Professional Training Courses in the sectors in which Italy traditionally excels i.e Design, Fashion & Cuisine. We provide International internship to our students in interior designing with Made in italy school which helps them to explore and learn more in their respected field.


Academy of Applied Arts inception is rooted in transform design which takes pride in its heritage of 14 years, as connoisseurs & designers of exquisitely luxurious, timeless interiors & architecture with a project portfolio spanning over 6 countries having a stellar presence in New Delhi, Singapore & Kathmandu. They believe in delivering unparalled standards of luxury. Their design sensibility aims for a timeless sophisticated appeal delivering with a hassle free end result. The feeling of luxury, in all their projects is expressed by the unique details & personalisation in their design. They take pride in designing & furnishing a clients home in their signature luxurious and timeless appeal.