Applied arts

What is Applied Arts?

Applied Arts is a practical implementation of arts and design principles. It is a creative form of design that expresses technical skills. Applied Arts are concerned with making objects with a functional purpose for which esthetic, ergonomic concerns are significant. Applied Arts can be defined by purposeful creative interpretation of limitless concepts. Commercial Art is considered a branch of Applied Arts. Applied Arts embraces the study of interior designing, architecture, product design, graphic design, web design, photography, advertising and more. Whereas Fine Arts is an artistic expression that may not address any definite purpose. In Fine Arts, the end purpose of the product is the product itself and includes subjects like drawing, sketching, painting et al.

1. Its purpose is to create a functional product with Aesthetic and ergonomic significant. 1. Its purpose is to create an aesthetic object that Is appreciated for its fine and unique qualities.
2. Applied Arts is intended to be an aesthetic approach where objects are designed to be created in order to be used rather than to be simply viewed. 2. Fine Arts is intended to create beauty & Pleasure while simply looking at the object.
3. Applied Arts is a concentration within the visual arts field that includes such areas as interior design, visual merchandising, photography and more. 3. The Fine Arts is a categorization of the five different Disciplines: Literature, Drama, Painting, Sculpture and Music.