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Diploma in Interior Architecture & Styling (VLP)

S.No. Topic
1. An Introduction to Interior Design
  The teaching approach at Academy of Applied Arts is holistic with a program which balances between the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry.
2 Fundamental of Drafting
  Though acknowledging the industry shift to software for designing layouts, an emphasis on hand drafting is inculcated for a strong foundation of Interior Designing.
3 Color Code and Palette Techniques
  Interior Design students generally get taught the basics of Colors i.e.Color wheel, vibes of color, composition and texture but not in context of Interiors.
4 Auto CAD
  Acknowledging the universal acceptance of Computer-Aided-Drafting software, commonly referred to as AutoCAD, our students are imparted rigorous training and practice for this fundamental design tool.
5. Building Materials
  The history of construction and materials goes as back as the dawn of the civilizations and with time many more efficient material and products have now been learnt and produced by architects to construct those distinguished buildings.
6. Building Services
  A building is not just a shelter but a controlled environment which provides people a habitat where they can feel safe and at the same time live, work, leisure and progress.
7. Construction Techniques
  As we continue to design and create buildings which are taller, durable, comfortable and safer the knowledge of building construction techniques become ever more complex.
8. Lights and Lighting
  ‘Whatever has to do with vision has to do with the light’ Knowledge of fundamentals of Lights and Luminaries gives an ability to bring out the best of any space and structure.
9. Art and Architecture – History
  The history of art and architecture as part of the curriculum provides students with the world’s artistic illustrations of various periods and styles.
10. Interior Styling
  An Interior Stylist mainly works on editorial projects both commercial and residential making spaces look amazingly beautiful and appealing.
11. 3DS Max
  3D Studio Max provides a comprehensive three dimensional modeling solution to interior designers that helps them to visually represent their concept to the client in a concrete and convincing manner.
12. Design Projects
  Building on the skills and knowledge acquired through the program students with guidance from faculty members create projects on major streams of Interior Designing.
13. BOQ, Estimation and Costing
  BOQ or Bill of Quantities is an important document produced prior to the construction to quantify requirements.
14. Specialization
  We believe the future belongs to specialists as the age of general practitioner is getting over; Interior Design is a vast field ranging from Residential Design, Retail Design, Hospitality Design or Product Design.
15. Portfolio Development
  Under this heading one learns to build portfolio which is a reflection of an Interior Designer’s best work.
  Final Examinations


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