Residential Design Course

Luxury Residential Design is understanding home design process centered around an individual’s finest needs making a home not just a beautiful house but ‘one of a kind’ creation – A home filled with beautiful, luxurious yet efficient and functional amenities which speaks volumes of the owner’s status and lifestyle.

According to global interior design trends the industry is moving towards giving a unique identity to residences which transcends the scope of traditional architecture into landscaping, indoor pools, jacuzzis, home theatres and other high-end features often with stylistic cues taken from the building design.

Advanced Diploma in Luxury Residential Design takes you a notch higher than contemporary interior design programs exploring capacious layouts, exclusive home decor, opulent materials, exquisite furniture, fine linens et al to create an iconic abode that evokes a sense of elegance & delight. A Luxury Residence must be conceived, designed and built with unparalleled selection of premium amenities as it is about more than drawing a plan but creating an inspired experience for the people who live there.


A. Lifestyle Depicting Details
1. Artifacts & Accessories
2. Ambient music
3. House fragrances
4. Table setting & service
5. Flower arrangement & installation

B. Interior Styling
1. Art Deco
2. Baroque
3. Bauhaus
4. Cubism
5. Rococo
6. Surrealism

C. Color Code & Palette Techniques
1. Color Wheel and vibes of color
2. Color Psychology
3. Luxury color palette

D. Furniture & Furnishings
1. Types of furniture styles : Tuscan, Transitional, Contemporary, Classical, Rustic
2. Leather & Fabric Cladding
3. Drapes & curtains
4. Global Brands

E. Material – Work Techniques , Sourcing & Costing
1. Stones : Perlato, Satvario, Emperador, Thausis, Bottochino, Onyx
2. Wood: Engineered, Hard Wood, Veneers
3. Tiles : Mosaics, Terracotta, Ceramics
4. Glass: Murano, Stain, Lacquered, Handmade
5. Paints: finishes & wallpaper

F. Service Areas
1. Open kitchens
2. Indoor & Outdoor bars
3. Breakfast nook zones
4. Home Theatre
5. Gym & Spa
7. Recreational Areas
8. Utility Rooms

G. Services
1. Central cooling & heating (HVAC)
2. Sound & thermal insulation

H. Home Automation
1. Mood lighting, sensors & dimming
2. Home Security Systems
3. Fire Safety & Alarms

I. Layouts
1. Public v/s Private Spaces
2. Formal & Informal Lounges
3. Partitioning
4. Skylights

J. Landscaping
1. Lawn, Terrace and Herb Gardens
2. Water features and outdoor installations
3. Indoor/Outdoor swimming pools & decks
4. Introduction to plantations as per climatic zones

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