Luxury Residential Design

Advanced Diploma in Luxury Residential Design takes you a notch higher than contemporary interior design programs exploring capacious layouts, exclusive home decor, opulent materials, exquisite furniture, fine linens et al to create an iconic abode that evokes a sense of elegance & delight.

According to global interior design trends the industry is moving towards giving a unique identity to residences which transcends the scope of traditional architecture into landscaping, indoor pools, jacuzzis, home theatres and other high-end features often with stylistic cues taken from the building design.

Luxury Residential Design is understanding home design process centered around an individual’s finest needs making a home not just a beautiful house but ‘one of a kind’ creation – A home filled with beautiful, luxurious yet efficient and functional amenities which speaks volumes of the owner’s status and lifestyle. A Luxury Residence must be conceived, designed and built with unparalleled selection of premium amenities as it is about more than drawing a plan but creating an inspired experience for the people who live there.


A. Lifestyle Depicting Details
1. Artifacts & Accessories
2. Ambient music
3. House fragrances
4. Table setting & service
5. Flower arrangement & installation

B. Interior Styling
1. Art Deco
2. Baroque
3. Bauhaus
4. Cubism
5. Rococo
6. Surrealism

C. Color Code & Palette Techniques
1. Color Wheel and vibes of color
2. Color Psychology
3. Luxury color palette

D. Furniture & Furnishings
1. Types of furniture styles : Tuscan, Transitional, Contemporary, Classical, Rustic
2. Leather & Fabric Cladding
3. Drapes & curtains
4. Global Brands

E. Material – Work Techniques , Sourcing & Costing
1. Stones : Perlato, Satvario, Emperador, Thausis, Bottochino, Onyx
2. Wood: Engineered, Hard Wood, Veneers
3. Tiles : Mosaics, Terracotta, Ceramics
4. Glass: Murano, Stain, Lacquered, Handmade
5. Paints: finishes & wallpaper

F. Service Areas
1. Open kitchens
2. Indoor & Outdoor bars
3. Breakfast nook zones
4. Home Theatre
5. Gym & Spa
7. Recreational Areas
8. Utility Rooms

G. Services
1. Central cooling & heating (HVAC)
2. Sound & thermal insulation

H. Home Automation
1. Mood lighting, sensors & dimming
2. Home Security Systems
3. Fire Safety & Alarms

I. Layouts
1. Public v/s Private Spaces
2. Formal & Informal Lounges
3. Partitioning
4. Skylights

J. Landscaping
1. Lawn, Terrace and Herb Gardens
2. Water features and outdoor installations
3. Indoor/Outdoor swimming pools & decks
4. Introduction to plantations as per climatic zones

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