Furniture Design

Furniture Designers are those who are motivated to create clever and operational designs for home and commercial spaces. This course provides an insight into the principles of designing furniture along with classifications, knowledge of material and most importantly how to create an appealing yet ergonomically functional piece.
It is phenomenal to learn how human beings have evolved from an era when the concept of furniture was unknown to how its being purposefully used for work, storage, relaxation, and as a matter of fact the overall lifestyle. The subject deals with creation and development of structures which improve one's living environment.
The program urges you to think critically and innovate through different materials so as to develop necessary contextual knowledge and understand global outlook. Working through digital platforms and CAD will help you explore new and traditional processes therefore laying a strong foundation of visualising and creating prototypes.
Advanced Diploma in Furniture Design aims at educating a designer to extend beyond the ordinary and leap into creating designs which exhibit a sense of detail and meticulous utilisation of material.


Advanced Diploma in Furniture Design
1. Human Lifestyle
2. Design Principles
3. Drafting
4. AutoCAD
5. Ergonomics and Anthropometrics
6. Type of furniture – Functionality and Purpose
7. History of Furniture - Famous Art and Furniture pieces
8. Furniture Styles
9. Construction Techniques
10. Understanding structural materials
11. Working with base materials
12. Working with Finishing material
13. Working with Upholstery
14. Lighting Design
15. Modular Furniture
16. Introduction to 3DS Max
17. Market Survey and Vendor Management
18. Quality Check and Safety Measures
19. Classifying woods
20. Home Furnishing and Accessorization
21. BOQ, Estimation and Costing
22. Interior Styling and Photography
23. Portfolio Development

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