Event & Exhibition Design

Professional Diploma in Event & Exhibition Design

As an event designer, you are dedicated to bringing style and substance to every occasion, creating a memorable atmosphere which may last a few hours, but the memory of which may well last a lifetime. Learning Event Design and Styling will walk you step by step through the process of planning, designing, sourcing, budgeting, pricing and forecasting techniques that are used to create an atmosphere of ambient perfection.
Behind the Scenes Field Trips: Instructors are from the industry, sharing their real-world experiences along with teaching theory and best practices. They are the experts in marketing, planning, logistics, and numerous other areas of study required for success in the industry. During the course your instructor will lead the group on behind-the-scenes field trips to major venues, production companies, designers, live events and others.

1. Event Design, An Overview
2. The World of Event Design
3. Color Code and Palette Techniques
4. Drafting
5. Event Styles
6. Customer Profiling
7. Site Selection
8. Software: Auto CAD 2D
9. Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan
10. Collateral material
11. Design Elements
12. Lighting
13. Wedding Events
14. Corporate Events
15. Exhibition Design
16. Production
17. Developing Initial Budget
18. Flowers, Trees and Foliage
19. Centrepieces, Tabletops and Culinary Etiquettes
20. Coordinate Event Elements and Requirements
21. Costing and Budgeting
22. Be an Entrepreneur
23. Portfolio Building

***** Final Examination *****



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