Industry Reviews

Industry reviews of our training programs:

"By applying certain theories, it shall enhance the image – brand building – sales in Ranna Gill Store"
Major Gill

"In every means, this progamme helps me develop my skills and learn new international techniques that we can introduce in our country"
Nipun Sachdeva
Ritu Wears Biglife

"The discussion on local adaptation of international concepts is very useful. It will definitely help in developing an eye for detail"
Benetton India Pvt. Ltd

"“Its going to help me and my organisation in terms of Visual Merchandising”"
Sumit Kumar

"“I am from different background, still whatever I learned here would definitely help me to work better in my professional life.”"
Santosh K. Upadhyay
Home Store India Ltd.

"“It will help us to understand the technicalities of Visual Merchandising and how we can help our retailers to use this technique. It will surely help to make better ambience of our mall”"
Sushil Singh

"“The programme conducted was very good and it will be beneficial for the growth of my organisation”"
Arshad Ullah Khan
Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd.

"“Helps to understand the science and art of VM in terms of consumer psyche and creates a good blend of business and creative perspective”"
Mayuri Mohapatra
Madura Fashion & Lifestyle

"“I would like to implement these ideas in my mall to enhance sales of retailers as well as to give new look and image to my mall”"
Anudeep Kumar
Entertainment World Developers Pvt. Ltd.

"“The presentation quality and relevance of content were excellent”"
Gajpal Singh Rathore
Raymonds Ltd.

"“Smart way to display”"
Muthurajan Piwai
Westside Trent Ltd.

"“This will help us to make our displays effective and beneficial for the customers”"
Aishwarya Jhadav
Shoppers Stop

"“This program benefited me a lot. This is my first workshop but I think I learned a lot from this workshop”"
Siddharth A Seveka
Raymond Ltd.

"“The worshop and presentation were excellent. It has led in understanding the consumers mindset and expectations and this will further get transferred to the team that will help them understand the same. Also, the workshop has made us feel the importance of colors, patterns, lights in displays as per recent standards”"
Anjana Chakraborty
Future Value Retail Ltd.

"“The workshop has been quite beneficial, we got to understand the basics and how we can develop the designing skills”"
Snigdha Chaudhry
Furtados Music India Pvt. Ltd.

"“Expecting some more of such seminars”"
Neerad Doshi
Big Bazaar, Future Value Retail Ltd.

"“The workshop has proved to be extremely beneficial. I did not know a lot of basics which were taught here”"
Amrit Plaha
CROSSWORD Bookstores

"“This program has helped us understand retail from customer point of view. It will also help to improve and take our store and brand standards to a next level”"
Tejal Samel
Shoppers Stop

"“After the implementation of these ideas and concepts, we can grow our team and spread these similar ideas to the other retail clients which would ultimately result in the growth of our company”"
Romim R. Suthar
Arvind Brands Pvt. Ltd.

"“The discussion somewhere gave me an idea of where we stand and the way ahead, thanks for conducting this programme”"
Jinita Mehta
Future Group

"“This is the first seminar I attended and it was excellent. I learnt a lot from this seminar”"
M.S. Ananth Kumar Naik
Big Bazaar

"“The workshop has been beneficial in a lot of ways. Visual Merchandising has vast perspective in order to enhance business, performance etc. I understood it and I am very confident now. It is all because of your workshop. I really thank you for conducting such excellent worshop. You are the right person at right time. I am very positive now because I have understood the simplicty in effective communication”"
Basavaraj V. H.
Future value Retail Ltd.

"“It explains about all the revised aesthetics of the store. I have gained a lot of practical knowledge that will help me further, in my furturistic designs”"
Raskin Naik
Reid & Taylor India Ltd.

"“The seminar has made me much more aware of the details involved in Visual Merchandising”"
Titan Industries

"“It will help me reduce my work load by simply creating a good display”"
Xavier Dinup
Future Value Retail Ltd.

"“This will help me educate the customer about what we sell”"
K. Swamy Prakash
Arvind Brands Pvt. Ltd.

"“Excellent I felt, I got one year of experience within these two days of workshop you conducted”"
Mahendra V.
Big Bazaar

"“The workshop is very good in terms of Visual Merchandising since I learned that, we can make optimum use of the minimum resources availble”"
Lavith Basha
Arvind Retail Ltd.

"RAI workshop is really helpful for my Visual Merchandising work in future. Thanks and regards to RAI and Mr. Ashmit S. Alag"
Vimal Vijay K
Future Value Retail Ltd.