Visual Merchandising takes varied forms and has various interpretations once executed. It’s like a novel that an author can take charge of only till the point of publishing. Once published the author takes a back seat and it’s totally up to the readers to analyse it, so is Visual Merchandising.

The viewers play a very important role as the idea is to convert the viewer to a shopper and that happens through effective Visual Merchandising.
A visual merchandiser needs to be clear of the theme he is about to display and clearer about it’s execution. He has to make sure the idea is put across in a way that the client knows what exactly is the brand image, what is the kind of merchandise being sold and the value of the merchandise.

If the window display of a luxury store has too many merchandise displayed together, it is no longer opulent. It’s quite essential to understand the consumer psychology to get the right result. Similarly, If a hyper market has a window display that looks opulent, customers will hesitate to walk in because they will get an idea that the merchandise sold there is out of their reach. This way the visual merchandiser fails to achieve his ultimate goal, which is not to come up with a good looking window but to maximize sales.

Therefore, it is crucial for a visual merchandiser to study the brand and it’s consumers before executing the window display.

Arjun Sharma
Academy of Applied Arts (Student)


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